We could wrap up a perfect programming day with the “cookies & cocoa” equivalent of put-‘em-to-bed radio, but that’s not what World FM is all about.  Priming our audience for our exclusive overnight world music blend takes a little more excitement & intensity than that.  Weekday evenings Radio South Asia encourages our South Asian audience to shake off the cobwebs one more time and find their second wind with Pardesi Beats.  This is the perfect way to look forward to the challenges of the next day, with high-energy Bollywood Beats and driving Punjabi Rhythms from the latest and hottest chart releases, and your exclusive access to scalding-hot British underground remixes and fresh drops.  Pardesi Beats pulsates every Friday night from 11:00pm - 2:00am. No matter how stressful or demanding your day has been, there’s no better way to reprogram than this late-night love affair with World beat energy and infectious musical hooks.


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