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Patwant began his musical journey at the age of 6 by learning the Tabla; his first instrument, and the toughest one to learn! Patwant went on over the years to learn other various instruments and now has the ability to play many of the main ones required to produce a song from start till end!

Patwant Singh went on to ground his musical talent by learning to apply it to the production of music in a recording studio environment - he did this by taking formal education in the field of Audio Engineering.  His musical skills, whether live or recorded, weren't his only arsenal in the field of music - he was also a 'Bhangra Nerd' - Patwant grew up listening to Bhangra music from UK as well as Punjab, and therefore created a vast knowledge of the industry which he applied as a DJ and a Radio Host.

Although very difficult to do, Patwant has divided his musical life into five sections: Audio Engineering,  Music Production, DJing , Live Sound, and Media Broadcasting.


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